Reconditioning Process

Can Reconditioned Fuel Injectors Be Trusted?

 There are a lot of people who are weary of trying an item that has already been used but in this instance reconditioned injectors are essentially new injectors. Each injector goes through a rigorous cycle in order to be brought back to its original functionality. 

Used to New:  Injector Reconditioning Process

·         Injectors are Ohm tested.

·         Injector o-rings, filters, pintle caps and washers are removed and discarded.

·         Exterior of injector is cleaned.  Metal bodied injectors will have paint and rust removed.

·         Injector is then submerged in solution in an ultrasonic cleaner to break up deposits within the injector.

·         Injector is then reverse flushed to remove any additional debris loosened by the ultrasonic cleaner. (This and the previous step may be repeated several times.) 

·         Following cleaning, the injectors are tested at different pressures for leaks and spray pattern.

·         Injectors are then grouped into matching sets which means they are flowing within 1-2% of each other. (The factory specifications allow a variance of 3-5% overall.)

·         Injectors are given a light exterior clean.

·         New parts are applied, i.e. filters, o-rings, washers, and pintle caps.

·         Injectors are then packaged in sealed bags and shipped.